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What is FLUXO?

FLUXO (In Portuguese it means "flow") revolutionizes the experience of how we use our vehicles today, presenting a state-of-the-art water reclamation solution. Seamlessly integrated into pickups and many other vehicles, we guarantee fresh, clean water at your convenience - irrespective of the time, place, or journey ahead.

FLUXO can accumulate gallons of water per day from your automobile air-condition's evaporator and raises the comfort bar for the users, with the availability of fresh and clean water anytime and anywhere!

By using an app*, the user can choose where to route the water and what temperature they need to be.


Our product answers a real need, by continually providing clean water for sanitization, washing equipment, and auto-refilling of the windshield-wiper tank.

Our vision is to integrate FLUXO into every vehicle around the world,  solving a real-world problem!


The product is installed and tested on a broad range of vehicles for compatibility and feedback. The final product will be compatible with the automobile industry regulations and pass comprehensive tests before production.

Since 2022, we join our vast expertise in car mechanics, technology, development, and management, to form a reliable ecological product that saves thousands of gallons of water and plastic waste per year while providing a high value for customers.

*In development 

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