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FLUXO is an in-car water reusing solution that will change the way we use vehicles.

Clean your Cabinet

FLUXO can provide fresh and clean water, enabling a clean in-car environment anytime, anywhere.

Why Stopping?

With FLUXO you won't need to stop your RV to fill in water for a shower or sanitizing! just keep driving and you'll have all the water you need! 


With FLUXO you can keep your hands clean during work day

Save some 

With FLUXO, no need to buy precious water to fill in your windshield tank nor in your rear tank

Take a Shower

With FLUXO you can have a shower at the end of the working day, or even wash your vehicle! 

Save The Planet

FLUXO can reduce tons of plastic waste and help making the world a cleaner and better place.

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